Tipis for Restaurants, Bars & Schools – Meet our Range of Structures!

Tipis for social distancing

Here at Special Event Tipis we are known for producing beautiful weddings and events but with the recent lockdown restrictions, most of our 2020 bookings have been postponed to 2021.

As a result, we have structures for hire that would never normally be available in the Summer months and at short notice.

Our giant tipis are perfect for extending restaurant, school and bar spaces and could offer your business a flexible, all weather alternative to add to your usual client environments.

As a minimum each giant hat tipi gives a useable floor space of around 64 square metres (8×8 m) which can be increased to 144 square metres (12 x 12m) by raising its sides. The tipis can also be linked to create a larger floor space if required, we just need a 12 x 12m lawned area to get started!

We stock everything needed to make an outside space truly spectacular including flooring, lighting, heating, and furniture!

Our smaller Kung Tipis also offers a usable floor space of 42 square metres (6.5m x 6.5m) for those where space is more limited and our framed marquees offer a variety of covered areas from 3m x 3m to 9m x 9m

Thinking of celebrating in some small way this summer?

Meet the baby of our tipi family, the small but perfectly formed Nimbus tipi

Perfect as a gazebo for an outdoor celebration, garden party, bar or BBQ the Nimbus is a unique little structure with a super quick install time.

Our range of structures are available at short notice and can be teamed up with our beautiful range of lighting and furniture to create a magical and memorable event or business space!