Throw it with Love!

Throw it with love – eco-friendly ideas for that amazing confetti shot!

After seeing the amazing Flower Fields at Wyke Manor Estate on Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain by Drone last week, I decided to look into some fabulous ways to keep your confetti throwing as eco-friendly as possible and what could be more eco-friendly than fully biodegradable, plastic free and of course simply gorgeous dried flower petals!

And of course why would you want little bits of paper all over your bridal hair when you could have gorgeous pretty petals!?!
There are also some other amazing eco-friendly and biodegradeable, natural confetti ideas, like punching cute shapes into leaves like hearts and stars or even just using a regular hole puncher!
Or even collecting leaves from herb plants for some fragrant wedding confetti, olive tree leaves, or perhaps you could use eucalyptus leaves if it is going to be making an appearance in your wedding bouquet
For some pretty home grown ideas, you could collect up lavender heads and throw these – a very similar shape to the American tradition of rice, but will degrade a lot easier and instead of leaving a mess, will make the venue smell beautiful!

One of our brides had saved all the flowers she received from her fiance and dried them all out to use as confetti for their wedding – how romantic!? Another grew all her own flowers and made their wedding confetti herself!

Just make sure that whatever you do, you have enough!!!!