The Benefits of Choosing a Sustainable Wedding Venue with a Tipi or Marquee

When it comes to planning a wedding, couples are increasingly seeking wedding venues that align with their values and offer an eco-friendly approach. In recent years, the popularity of sustainable wedding venues has soared, and for good reason. So lets explore the benefits of choosing a sustainable wedding venue with a tipi or sailcloth marquee, focusing on how Special Event Tipis (tee-pees) can help couples create a memorable and environmentally conscious celebration.

1. Embracing Nature: Tipis and marquees are known for their seamless integration with the surrounding environment, allowing couples to celebrate amidst nature’s beauty. These temporary structures minimise the environmental impact by leaving minimal trace upon removal, preserving the natural landscape for future generations. Couples can exchange vows under a starlit sky or dance the night away while being surrounded by breath-taking scenery.

2. Energy Efficiency: Special Event Tipis takes sustainability seriously by employing various energy-efficient measures. Our tipis and marquees are designed to maximise natural light, reducing the need for excessive artificial lighting during daytime events. Additionally, the structures are well-insulated, retaining warmth during cooler months and reducing the reliance on heating systems. By utilising energy-efficient features, couples can minimise their carbon footprint without compromising on comfort.

3. Reduced Waste: Wedding venues can often generate a significant amount of waste, from excess food and packaging to disposable decorations. Opting for a tipi or sailcloth marquee for your event can help minimise waste production. Special Event Tipis will always encourage sustainable practices, we love partnering with caterers who prioritise locally sourced and organic ingredients. We also love to try new sustainable practices where possible. This can be done by: utilising reusable or compostable tableware and decor, having eco-friendly decor options, such as potted plants or even celebrating with biodegradable confetti!

4. Flexibility and Adaptability: One of the key advantages of choosing a tipi or sailcloth marquee for your wedding venue is the flexibility it offers. These structures can be set up in various locations, including private estates or natural settings, reducing the need for extensive construction or development. This adaptability minimises the environmental impact often associated with permanent wedding venues, while providing couples with the freedom to create a unique and personalised atmosphere.

5. Supporting Local Communities: By selecting a sustainable wedding venue like Special Event Tipis, couples contribute to supporting local communities. We collaborate with local suppliers, including florists, caterers, and rental companies, fostering a sense of community and boosting the local economy. Supporting local businesses also reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of goods and services.

At Special Event Tipis we already have a very low Carbon Footprint, but we have made sure to offset as much as possible by planting wild flowers, trees and native hedgerows, to help support our local wildlife and benefit the environment as a whole!

A sustainable wedding venue offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their special day while minimising their impact on the environment. With the flexibility, energy efficiency, reduced waste, and support for local communities that tipis and marquees provide, couples can create unforgettable memories in harmony with nature. Special Event Tipis is committed to helping couples realise their dream weddings while prioritising sustainability and leaving a positive footprint on the planet. Choose a sustainable wedding venue, and let your love story be an inspiration for a greener future.