Eco Chic Weddings with Special Event Tipis

So this month Special Event Tipis joined Green Union and were featured on their blog! Green Union are a brilliant site promoting all things green when it comes to environmentally friendly weddings. It really is the ultimate wedding guide to help you plan your eco-friendly, stylish and sustainable day.

At Special Event Tipis we are committed to lowering the impact our Tipis (Teepees) have on the overall environment and our eco practices include:

  • The use of bio diesel used in all of our company vehicles
  • Responsible disposal of all event waste. All plastic membrane, glass & cardboard recycled
  • The furniture used in our ‘chill out packages’ whenever possible includes recycled and upcylced pieces. For example one of our most popular bar structures is created from wooden French wine boxes. We also make use of fruit crates as smaller tables, and recycled whisky barrels as tables or even a place for a wedding cake
  • Tipis (teepees) constructed out of sustainable materials. The poles in particular are created from a mature, sustainable forest resource
  • Paper free office policy with all brochures, quotes etc. sent out electronically. We are also currently looking at implementing PDF ‘Eco-Sign’ for use on booking forms and other literature that requires a signature.
  • Our working methods and practices ensure that our structures have minimal impact on the ground beneath them and as a result, we are contracted to work on sites of archaeological and historical significance as well as sites of natural beauty.
  • Working towards becoming a carbon neutral company