Dogs in Tipis

A little bit from Beatrice the Boxer:

“My name is Beatrice and I am chief Tipi (tepee) Dog here at Special Event Tipis (teepees)! My dad, David thinks he is the boss, but I like to oversee all Tipi (tepee) installs and make sure they are up to my impeccably high standards! Although I don’t get to go to the weddings, I do like to come along to Open Days and greet all my lovely clients, but if you don’t want to talk to me I promise I wont be offended. I am very well behaved and my favourite thing in the world (apart from running around like a puppy at tipi installs) is playing with my tennis ball!

Amy in the office thought you might like to see some of the other hounds that have partied in our dog friendly wedding venues – the tipis.”

Here at Special Event Tipis (teepees) we absolutely love dogs and share our office with these three crazy hounds!

One of the best parts of our job is when we get photos back from our lovely clients. We love seeing all the smiling faces and people having a fabulous time, but the biggest ‘AWWWWW’ always comes when we see the bride and groom posing with their pooches!

This year we have had ring bearer, page pooches and bridesmaids with 4 paws, and it gets us every time.