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Take Your Seats, Please!

Posted: 16 June 2017

So, seating plans... we know how important family politics can be when it comes to weddings, and a lot of planing can go into organising just where everyone sits! It can seem a little like a military operation at times and guests are always eager to find out who they have been sat with!

We have some fabulous ideas of how to make the finished seating plan look gorgeous and impress your guests!

Thankfully we have been able to delve into the Special Event Tipis photo galleries and come up with some fabulous seating plan examples to inspire you 

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We love this idea with names wrote on the bunting! Someone's favourite drink must be a Cuba Libre!

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Tipi events in the Lake District ... what better table names than things you will find in the Lake District!

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Bit of a gardener and or a keen garden chef? How about a little herb garden for the seating plan?!

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A quirky plan! Although this one may be best shown to guests before the sparkling stuff starts pouring!

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Tipis have lots of beams which are perfect for hanging pretty little things from!

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You can even draw your layout to let people know where they are going!

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Like a bit of travelling? Heading off on your travels for your honeymoon? How about this fab idea?!

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Chalkboards are always a big player in Tipi weddings, you can make them as pretty or simple as you like! 

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You cant beat a big board!! And you ca make them as fancy as you like!

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Shabby Chic is always a popular option!


The perfect Tipi wedding combination is a nature related seating plan board!