Special Structures

Inspired by the efficiency of Sámi people’s Tipis (also known as Tepees, Katas or Big Hats) in the coldest parts of Northern Scandinavia, our Tipis combine traditional materials with state of the art technology. They are made out of natural materials and are a more eco friendly option for your ‘Special Event’.

Whether you want to bring the outside in, enjoying the long, hot days of summer with open sides and a glass of Pimms, or cosy up with warm skins and open fires on a snowy winters evening, our tipis are all season structures designed to stand up to the unpredictable British weather!


Our Tipis

Our tipis are offered in 2 different sizes which can be configured to best suit your ‘Special Event’

The Giant Hat
The Giant Hat

Stratus 72


Cirrus 40

On average
  • 1 ‘Giant Hat’ Tipi can accommodate 50 guests
  • 2 can accommodate 100 guests
  • 3 can accommodate 150 guests
  • 4+ can take 200 plus guests