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Tipi Hammock

Competition Time!! Win a £1915 Adventure Tipi

Posted: 13 July 2017

In the spirit of the season and with the promise (hopefully) of some long summer days ahead, we will be giving one of Tentipi’s newly designed eco hammocks away with our next 5 tent bookings!


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Garden Tipi Wedding - Confetti

Tipis in the Garden!

Posted: 29 June 2017

We love everything about Rebecca & Scott's wedding. The colours, the beautiful flowers, the gorgeous boho dress and the super cute salt and pepper shakers! 

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Seating Plan - Tipi Wedding

Take Your Seats, Please!

Posted: 16 June 2017

So, seating plans... we know how important family politics can be when it comes to weddings, and a lot of planning can go into organising just where everyone sits! It can seem a little like a military operation at times and guests are always eager to find out who they have been sat with!

We have some fabulous ideas of how to make the finished seating plan look gorgeous and impress your guests! 

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